A good looking website is only the start.

You’re website is live now what?

Many clients think getting a shiny new website is the start of their online business that will magically fly through the virtual doors of their virtual shops. When SEO is mentioned invariably we often getting a blank look and explaining what we do is no mean feet either. The balance is between dumbing it down so that people with no interest in this field understand and giving enough information to justify the price tag

SEO is a field full of self sold experts but scratch beneath the surface of this new media field and you realise the complexities and ever changing landscapes makes real experts few and far between. When considering an SEO partner its best to ask lots of questions and then do your own research many so called experts have read a book a few years ago and are so out of touch with the hear and now they will end up causing damage to your websites search engine visibility.

Google do not want you to manipulate the search results and invest huge amounts of money and time in making the search results as real as possible but probably realise that with SEO Google would simply not work properly (but thats a whole other rant).Page 1 google

Get rich quick!

Go online and see a plethora of get rich quick schemes and rise the ranking schemes but the reality as in life is, nothing is easy and if it was, everyone would be an expert. Getting real organic and sustained results from your website strategy will take time (unless you are lucky) and effort. Google’s algorithms and search criteria is always changing but one thing that is constant is they want substance and continuity so consider this before you start. Who is going to write the new content needed its got to be meaty and regular, can you commit to a 500 word plus blog a couple of times a week?

What about PR who’s going to write your articles, you? If so post about 1 or 2 a month across the PR sharing websites. Then there is the question about who is going to take care of monitoring the relevant forums and blogs so that you can engage with comments and get back-links to your website from authoritative websites, social bookmarking platforms and general back-links thus improving your own visibility.

Last but not least there is social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, You Tube, Rebel Mouse etc etc these, if done properly, are a job in themselves but essential to any proper online SEO strategy.

The good news is you need to be doing some or all of this each and every day!

Is £99 a bargain?

This is just the basics so please tell us anyone prepared to do this for £99? It’s time to get real and understand that the market is changing and thank heavens clients are catching up fast. More often lately customers have some understanding which does help to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Any customers out there looking for SEO services keep a look out for genuine believable good value for money. We are currently offering a full money back guarantee, if we do not improve your search engine results we will give you your money back and page 2 or 3 within 3 months or half your investment back, now we can’t say fairer than that can we!

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