It’s good to be back!

<h1>It’s been a while but I’m back on the blog!</h1>

After a long stint trading with my old company a major change happened before Christmas. In a strange and disappointing period I was out of the business I had loved. I had put everything on the line for it and helped grow it but whilst the timing wasn’t great maybe it was the kick up the behind I needed to take stock and move forward although it didn’t feel that way for a little while!

I have always been a driven individual but to be honest I think I got carried away with myself, caught up in the moment and in some way forgetting why I did this all in the first place. I was making life difficult for everyone around me including my family and for what?

We all know that running your own business is a fairly stressful occupation and you need the support of those around you but as sometimes happens I could not see the wood for the trees for a while and needed some shock treatment to get me back on track.

I got into all this as I wanted to be my on boss and run things how I felt they should be, deal with my clients in my own way and give them the service I felt was lacking from the big companies I had worked for. In the end though it all got very serious and clients were the first to suffer. I had fallen into the same trap that I had hated whilst working for the big corporates, only thinking about the bottom line and forgetting what had got us to where we were, so something had to change.

<h2>Is all change good?</h2>

Sometimes you need things to happen to make you change or make something change. I had been kicked and didn’t feel great but with Christmas break looming and a family to think about I needed to act quickly and almost instinctively. With a reasonably clear head the last couple of months have been manic, setting up on my own was a bit daunting and at times scary but when push comes to shove you have to back yourself and get on with it so with that in mind I have, the new business will offer similar services but less of them. Online will form the vast majority of what we will be doing with website creation and search engine visability at the heart of the new business mantra.

Whilst the business is new it is still run and operated with old heads to provide clients with top end work at a fraction of the price of a larger mainstream agency. We are and always will be a boutique agency with no delusions of grandure, we don’t want or need to be the biggest but will aim to be the best. It will be all about the end product and the results that we achieve for our clients. It may be another rocky journey but we think it will be worth it and hope to see some of you along the way.

The blog will be a few rants, some interesting stuff and a whole host of free stuff and links to cool stuff to help you gain the knowledge needed to make the most of online marketing and make informed decisions on what you are buying. See you again soon I hope and yes it’s good to be back!